Friday, 23 January 2009


see 'Deep-frozen' at deviantART

"We thought we'd reached the lowest level in this antediluvian Antarctic complex of alien megalithic structures and impossible engineering when Reeve called us over to one of the walls. There was a regular vertical space of about 5mm, through which, despite the freezing air in which we stood, I could feel a faint rush of even colder air: it was a door! The mechanism still functioned, as we discovered quite by accident in our crude seeking. The great stone block swung easily aside and we advanced cautiously, torches on full. Infinity would undoubtedly be boring to look at: what's, after all, to see? What confronted us was not infinite, but it was colossal, on a scale that mocked anything our modern world has ever produced. An arrangement of pipework and valves whose merest fraction could be used to construct an entire oil refinery, the whole covered in aeons-old ice, stretching downwards far, far beyond the reach of our lighting. The steps that led downwards were of the same scale as the others we'd encountered elsewhere, difficult but not impossible for human movement, and solid-looking. Nobody ventured a descent..."

#2 in the extensive series 'The new DJs'. A work of the imaginary ;)

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