Saturday, 29 August 2009

Scream and scream again

see 'Scream and scream again' at deviantART

A fractal rendition of Munch's 'The scream' for this 'I Want To Feel Contest'. The feeling is meant to be complex: "I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature" was Munch's own testimony. But I also fancy here a little of Sartre's "nausée", of MacNiece's "drunkenness of things being various", and more than a hint of Borges' "With relief, with humiliation, with terror, he understood that he too was a mere appearance."

A simple person, of basic unquestioning faith or Newtonian mechanistic worldview, is vouchsafed an unwonted, and unwanted, vision of the transdimensional source of all there is; or experiences how it feels to be a stretch-cover on a sofa; or, on sipping their morning tea, feels the full weight of the hardship, suffering and death that ensured that dried leaves, calves' sustenance, piped water and electricity came together to bring them their knee-jerk pick-me-up. How would you feel?

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